Enabling Our Customers to be More Efficient

Origo Automation was founded as a services firm for the engineering and scientific community. We have a great deal of experience with Test and Measurement Systems, Industrial Automation and Control applications, as well as other Lab Automation and Embedded Systems development. More specifically, we can provide expert assistance in any applications involving National Instruments development tools.

We pride ourselves on a sound understanding of the latest technologies and tools. It is our goal to ensure customer success in an ever-evolving world.


Jeff Bruce - Founder + CEO

Jeff has been involved with automation and measurement since 1995. Prior to Origo Automation, Jeff was the VP of Sales and Marketing at Sensatronics where he focused on growing the company's channel sales program. Jeff has extensive experience in the test and measurement world having previously held positions in the EMI lab at the Johnson Space Center and Electromagnetic Effects group at Raytheon.

Jeff also has held senior management roles in test and measurement companies including Instrumentation Engineering and Flextronics Test.